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After Quest Shows

Hanoi 2018,

Back to real life, the support of the establishments of the city welcome us,

we are going to go on stage and perform small shows, for the artists but also for the public who could not go there.

Here is an excerpt from an improvised show in Hanoi Rock City with Tiny Giant and the women of Aku (Mint, Mai Thin Vi, Red Slumber and myself).

A sacred ritual, a goodbye, a mourning ceremony straight out of our guts .

We drew strength from our group and faced, together, to continue to share,

To save this art that nothing can kill.

Another show took place later in another club in the city,

a rebirth, a celebration, even a game,

playful and joyful (video not available).

Along with Lark Minkous, the full Aku tribes and other guests,

show during which, with surprise and great pleasure, the public took part in our show and danced with us.

Since that day, we invite the public to join us at the end of each show.

Because sharing goes beyond the stage thanks to contact.

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