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Live Paintings

Saigon 2016,

From my little notebook to the stage.

These artists who make me vibrate and guide my line welcome me on their side.

Between their instruments and the audience, I spread my canvases, and my gesture is carried away by their melodies.

Painting them on stage, with them, to the sounds of their music, influences my movement like a pictorial dance.

Then the solo, between the performing arts and the pictorial art. I no longer hide to create, the contact is direct.

At first disturbed by the curious trying to discuss with me, I enjoy this game of spectacle and human encounter.
In a certain way, imposing my own language, inviting to share this intense and feverish moment, where the work comes to life.

The energy that I am transcribing is no longer only mine, but that of this unique association between the place, the crowd, the individuals present, the music and myself.

The contact is then mystical and spiritual.

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