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Baroness Club

Saigon 2019,

Place in search of identity, from artists' cabaret to Jazz club for gentlemen to end up in Hip Hop club,

the management of this place of celebration was tumultuous.

The paintings evolve over the months, just like this place with an elegant and refined design,

which will suddenly welcome the underground youth of the city.

Despite these facades with multiple personalities, one general idea dominates:

the femininity, lust, attraction, sensuality and elegance of Madame la Baronne.

My mind wanders and gradually builds the image of this Baroness Badass,

sometimes reserved surrounded by roses, sometimes provocative, and sometimes even indecently illuminated by the neon lights of the night.

Place of celebration, passions, meetings and debauchery, under the gaze of his supercharged and benevolent stepmother.

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