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Le Mouvement Catharsis

Saigon 2017, Hanoi 2018

On the occasion of this first festival that I organize in honor of local artists, Indik'Art,

and as a continuation of my performance research bringing together painting and movement on stage,

a series of collaborative performances is born, first with the photographer Brice Godard at Indik'Art,

then with the musician Alec Sachner associated with the visuals of Anita, and the improvised mapping of DDL, at the famous Quest Festival.

The projection of visuals in a scenographic space,

guides the artist's movement and thus transcribes the energy of light through matter through painting on canvas.

These performances are about the research of how the senses can influence each other.

and thus leave room for an instinctive creation, reconsidering the notion of the abstract.

Installation, space, costume, light, material and movement come together around a physical study

and sensory of artistic metaphysics.

The public is plunged, tight in a space without visible bottom,

where only this moving silhouette reflects their images.

We no longer know if the dance guides the light or if the light leads the dance.

Only one thing is certain, of this exchange of matter, will remain a trace.

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