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Je ne suis pas un secret

Look at me
Cosmic organ
Eye of Life

You know, you saw, you felt

Here is my world
Here is my soul

More than a part of our bodies

Truth teller
Sharing of emotions
Liar, Voyeur,
Eye, listening
Witness of life
Aura witness
By my gesture
Movement gives life

To my life.

Do not say anything.
Don't talk.
It's a secret
It's our secret...

At the Louve,
The Guardian and Love
Your instinct to ignore the signs
Your silence made me mute
Weakened by your overprotection
You let me struggle
In this spirit of woman-child
And make me wander
Out of your reach.

You, the male
Who by my innocence
And your thirst to dominate
Defiled my life
Erroneous childhood
You played with the confidence of those who believed in you
Sick mind
Do you realize the consequences of your actions?

My father,
My idol
I stopped dancing on your feet
You the power and the control
Broke me
I will never reach this perfection
so prized by your mind
You spent your pain in me
Us losing
At the lowest.

The man,
Hope for new life
The hope of reconstruction
The hope of understanding
Weak, like a child
I left you in control
Life in suspense
I made you master and you took the throne
Default dictator
My admiration for your world,
made me blind
From savior, you become executioner
My crushed soul, leave my body emptied.

The woman that I should have been
Daily fight
Get out of your torpor
Don't let them hide you anymore
Be proud
Show yourself
Find your voice
Speak for your sisters
Speak for your daughters
It's time to shout out who you are


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