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Coco Beachcamp

Lagi 2017,

Filming for our first festival, crac! Broken leg...

The best is to stay in this little piece of paradise, the time to organize the continuation and to take care of myself.

I ended up settling there and stayed there for more than two years ...

The position of artistic director, the local team is amazing, everything is made on site,

tropical open space, a huge playground for design, painting, scenography,

the organization of events (weddings, festivals, beach parties) and even to resume my styling activities.

I explore all these new mediums within reach, within reach of sharing, a unique life experience and ultimate cultural discovery,

living between the freedom to live and the freedom to create.

Arranging a space is to create an identity for it, to give it material, volume,

it is to create surprise in every corner of a place or a scene,

it is playing with shapes, colors and lights.
In order to bear witness to life, to envelop people in a new world, to play with codes to create the unexpected and the marvelous.

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