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Des Femmes sur nos murs

From here and there, over time,

The madness of grandeur, or the need to give space to body language,

to widen the field of vision, to let see all those who pass by there.

From live painting, dancing, vibrant, leading to such encounters, through mural and decorative painting,

to create the identity of a place, generate a soul, give free rein to my movement and my ideas.

By the contact of my fingers on the roughness of these walls, until they make holes and bleed colors.

Meet the street, the artists, faces, messages, visions, and bring colorful smiles to this concrete grayness.

Because what I create I want to share with everyone around.

Because art should be accessible to everyone, art is alive, it calls out , it shouts, and beauty surprises happiness.

Work in progress ....

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