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Femmes Tribales

Sapa, Vietnam 2015,

On the mountain roads, they live to the rhythm of the sun.

Wearing their precious traditional costumes woven, dyed, sewn and embroidered by hand,

over t-shirts from a low-quality Chinese market.

They have nothing and lack nothing, or almost nothing, but they do not think about it, it does not count.

Life leaves them very little choice, and yet they welcome me, with open arms, smile at me ,

chat with me, even if we don't speak the same language.

The importance of these moments is in sharing, because they are incredibly generous.

"Sister", they call me. Sharing a little bit of life with them, a minute, a meal, a dance, some giggles,

or a month under their roof made of wood.

They teach me to live like them, with them, we cook, we weave, we dye, we embroider, we build.

We build these links, invisible to the eyes of those who do not want to see, which bind us in parallel , to the Earth and to the future of our Nature.

A tribute to these women who showed me the way, their strength and their passion for what surrounds us, quite simply.

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