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Café Khoai - Thao Dien

Saigon 2019,

Three establishments in the city, each with a unique identity.

Thao Dien's Café Khoai welcomes me with open arms and lets me bring my touches of color to their hybrid place,

made of multiple and absurd recoveries, but with a surprising finesse of chords.

A place of life and meeting, music transports us and every day inconceivable treasures appear.

This strange place, you ask yourself, would it not be decorated by this family of cats which dominate the old colonial house?

hidden behind the trees on the busiest street in the neighborhood.

An animated work, precisely, dressing the observer portal with symbols,

the mirrors of ghostly and distorted reflections,

odds and ends and tongue pulling, until you blow a moon bubble gum,

and questioning each person entering this place "How to see the world?".

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